NAD: The anti-aging mechanisms everyone's talking about

NAD, the trendy coenzyme, would boost metablism for accelerated detoxification, promotes longevity through multiple mechanisms including DNA repair.

NAD is on everyone's lip

The first mentions appeared in scientific journals. The the NAD seduced dermatologists, beauty centers, and specialized beauty magazines. On the west coast of The United States, yoga teachers advise this mechanism alternately with fasting, whose beneficial effects it simulates. 

What is the NAD?

This coenzyme officerly called a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is actually an alternative form of vitamin B3. It has managed to establish itself as a universal supplement, absorbed in pills, or injected intravenously. 


What are the possible benefits of NAD?

It would improve mental clarity, alertness, and memory. It would also be an excellent cell cleanser to unclog the liver. And a natural antidepressant to counteract periods of sadness. By targeting the mitochondria, the energy pumps of our cells, it has already established itself in wellness departments.